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About the Krailos

Tim was born in Houston, Texas, the fourth of five children of Gene and Sandy Krailo. In the late 70’s Tim caught the flying bug. He became a licensed pilot in 1980 and starting flying commercially in 1991. He is currently an Airbus Captain with Alaska Airlines (formerly Virgin America Airlines). Tim loves to spend time in the kitchen, as well as at the grill, and does his fair share of meal preparation in the Krailo kitchen!

Karen was born in Covina, California, the oldest of two children of Hal and Linda Singleton. It took Karen some time to find her place in the world, but after a 4-year stint in the Navy she settled into a career as a paralegal. Karen loves to cook, and dinner parties are one of her favorite means of entertainment. She feels blessed to have to fight for kitchen space with Tim.

Tim and Karen met in Nashville, TN in 1996 married in October, 1997. They became first-time parents with son Cameron in 2000 and again with daughter Mackenzie in 2007.

Cameron blessed his parents with his premature birth in November of 2000. Weighing in at a whopping 2 lbs. 6 oz. he gave the entire family quite a scare. After a 9-week hospital stay he came home and hasn’t quit growing since! Helping out in the kitchen has been Cameron’s thing since he was big enough to stand on a stool! He comes by his love of cooking honestly and invested in his own espresso machine. Cameron is very interested in the medical field, and would like to pursue a career in Emergency Medicine.

Mackenzie blessed the Krailo family in February of 2007 through the unexpected gift of adoption and captured their hearts from the moment she entered the world. She is a beautiful, happy child and keeps them on their toes! She is quite the entertainer and is often referred to as the “social director.” She loves interacting with people and has started donning her apron in the kitchen alongside mom, dad and big brother.

The Krailo family purchased Saline Creek Farm in 2011. It was a long-awaited dream as they originally attempted to purchase the B&B back in 2004. As always, God’s timing was perfect and the Krailo family truly feels that this is where we they are supposed to be!